Thursday, November 15, 2018

Kara Walker's Pastoral installed in Woldenberg Art Center

Last week at Homecoming, we unveiled Kara Walker's Pastoral, a work of art installed in the Woldenberg Art Center through the generosity of one of our alumni, Sanford Heller (BA, 1994). At the unveiling, Dr. Mia Bagneris offered the following explication for Pastoral

Kara Walker (American, b. 1969), Pastoral, 1998, wall painting in black

“This piece (Pastoral) is a departure from the bulk of my work which is situated in a fictionalized version of the Antebellum South, which is the hub where profane racial mythologies shake hands with the mundane reality of day to day existence in a racially divided culture. This is a quiet little contemplative piece in which a Negress of Renown dons sheep´s clothing, or is dry humped by its filthy little self.”
                                    Kara Walker
Born in California but raised in Stone Mountain, GA, home of the rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan, Kara Walker cites her upbringing in a community profoundly invested in the romantic mythology of the Old South as a force that powerfully informs her work.  The artist first received notice for her panoramic silhouette installations, dark phantasmagorias evocative of antebellum plantations that confront the viewer with the weight of history, violence, and trauma and their intersections with race, gender, and sexuality.  
Walker’s use of the silhouette form is masterful.  She explodes the genteel connotations of the medium, presenting the viewer with violent, often brutally sexual scenes of depravity, debauchery, and even defecation.  Exploiting and disrupting the silhouette’s indexical quality, Walker presents the viewer with impossibly nightmarish tableaux that, steeped in history, nonetheless have the patina of reality.  Expertly, she probes the innate ambiguity of an art form that communicates only at its edges, requiring all information to be relayed in the outlines and forcing viewers to question what they see.  Ultimately, Walker does not offer a hopeful vision, but in her brutally fantastic imaginaries, the artist presents a realistic picture of the crippling burden of the nation’s dark past that continues to haunt its present.
Walker achieves all this and more in Pastoral.  In a compelling game of visual bait-and-switch, the figure of the Negress—a stock character in her oeuvre—merges with that of a sheep and simultaneously suggests the form of a tree.  Does the Negress bear the weight of her ovine burden as a garment?  Is she engaged in a bizarre bestial sex act? Will the bloodshed portended by the razor she daintily holds in her hoof-like hand be directed toward herself or someone else?   The solitary, introspective figure is, as Walker suggests, somewhat of “a departure” from her more chaotic panoramas.  However, the violence and “profane racial mythologies” that characterize her work remain, and Walker delivers none of the peace of an Arcadian idyll that Pastoral’s title suggests.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Phi Beta Kappa Fall Lecture

Stone Auditorium, 210 Woldenberg Art Center

The members of the Alpha of Louisiana Chapter at Tulane would like to invite you to the 2018 Phi Beta Kappa Fall Lecture. Stephanie Porras, Associate Professor of Art History and Vice President of the Alpha of Louisiana Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, will be speaking on "Early Modern Globalization: Ivory Sculpture as the First Global Luxury Good." The lecture will take place Wednesday, November 7, at 6:00 PM in Stone Auditorium (room 210 of Woldenberg Art Center). A reception will follow. Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest and most prestigious undergraduate honors society in the United States. In addition to its role in recognizing academic excellence, Phi Beta Kappa supports teaching, research, and learning in the liberal arts and sciences.

Undergraduate Juried Exhibition

Please join us in the Carroll Gallery on Wednesday, November 7th at 3pm for a walkthrough with Cristina Molina, Juror of the 2018 Undergraduate Juried Exhibition. 

Congratulations to the recipients of this year's Juror's Awards: 

Sue Choi, Alex Lawton, Harleigh Shaw, Jordan Tavan, and Nathalie Toth.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Undergraduate Juried Exhibition

Please join us on Thursday, November 1st, for the opening reception of the Undergraduate Juried Exhibition, from 4:30-6:30pm in the Carroll Gallery. Award winners will be announced at the opening.

The MFA Open Studio event will also take place on Thursday evening from 5:30-7:30pm.

MFA Open Studios

The Newcomb Art Department at Tulane University invites you to attend our MFA Open Studio event, Thursday, November 1st from 5:30-7:30pm at the Woldenberg Art Center.

Sara Abbas (Painting) Studio 502
Joshua E. Bennett (Digital Arts) Studio 123
Allison Beondé (Photography) Studio 500
John Glass (Glass) Studio 119
Blas Isasi Gutiérrez  (Sculpture) Studio 123F
Jarrod Jackson (Painting) Studio 504
Juliana Kasamu (Photography) Studio 500
Cora Lautze (Printmaking) Studio 123D
Joris Lindhout (Digital Arts) Studio 506
Mark Morris (Glass) Studio 115
Holly Ross (Ceramics) Studio 108

[photo: Juliana Kasamu, Process #2, 2015]

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Undergraduate Juried Exhibition: call for entries

On Thursday October 25th from 9am to 3pm, students may submit up to five art works to be considered for the 2018 Undergraduate Juried Exhibition.The call is open to all Tulane undergradauate students currently working towards a degree.

This year's juror is Cristina Molina, a member of the New Orleans artist-run gallery The Front where she regularly curates, exhibits her own artwork, and co-organizes The Front’s annual juried film festival. 

Works must be dropped off in person to the Carroll Gallery. Entry forms can be submitted online through the following link:

The exhibition opens on Thursday, November 1st with a reception from 4:30-6:30pm. A walkthrough with juror Cristina Molina will take place on Wednesday, November 7th at 3:00pm.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

ASAP/10 Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present

The Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present will hold its 10th Annual Conference in New Orleans, October 17-20, 2018, hosted by the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South at Tulane University and Pelican Bomb. Wednesday evening, October 17th, the Newcomb Art Department will host the opening night's Artists Talk, the Sandra Garrard Memorial Lecture, "Machine Visions," with Trevor Paglen, at 6pm in Freeman Auditorium, 205 Woldenberg Art Center. 

The following Tulane faculty, staff, and students will participate as hosts, presenters, and moderators at ASPA/10: Adrian Anagnost, Adam Crosson, Amy Crum, Kate Baldwin, Laura Blereau, Courtney Bryan, Joel Dinerstein, Christopher Dunn, Brian Edwards, Megan Flattley, Denise Frazier, Eric Herhuth, Z’etoile Imma, Zachary Lazar, Amy Lesen, Monica Ramírez Montagut, Cheryl Naruse, Adriana Obiols, Christopher Oliver, John Ray Proctor, Ama Rogan, Matt Sakakeeny, Daniel Sharp, Rebecca Snedeker, Red Vaughan Tremmel, Emily Wilkerson, and Edie Wolfe. 
For more information, please visit the ASAP/10 website: