Tuesday, May 22, 2018

TACTILE FOCUS: The Reciprocality of Painting & Architecture

The Lavin-Bernick Grant for faculty research has sponsored a collaboration between the Tulane School of Architecture and the Newcomb Art department, supporting an interdisciplinary course that examines the spatial behavior of color. Associate Professor Tiffany Lin (architect) and Assistant Professor Aaron Collier (painter) have co-authored a paper to describe this curriculum entitled, Tactile Focus: The Reciprocality of Painting and Architecture.  

This manuscript was presented at the 2018 National Conference for the Beginning Design Student (NCBDS) in Cincinnati and will be published in forthcoming conference proceedings. Lin and Collier have also been invited to show their work at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in February 2019. The Lavin-Bernick grant will support the creation and transportation of paintings to this exhibition, as well as fund travel and accommodation costs related to the opening.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bachelor of Arts Exhibition 2018

Newcomb Art Department / Tulane University
Bachelor of Arts Exhibition 2018

closing reception:  Friday, May 18, noon – 2 pm

Amelia Blackburn
Jacqueline Cooke
Brianna Douglass
Gali Du
Janey Hollis
Lucia Hughes
Kristian Murina
Sarah Schacht
Farah Serur
Noa Sklar
Madison Steiner
Casey Vinder
Andrew Winston
Yu Zou