Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Art and Feminism

In honor of Women's History Month and the ArtAndFeminism Wikipedia Project, the Newcomb Archives & Vorhoff Library Special Collections of the Newcomb College Institute organized and hosted its first Women in the Arts edit-a-thon on March 8, 2015. 

Articles were created and improved for several notable artists of the Gulf South, among them many of our prominent alumnae and faculty:  May Hyman Lesser (BFA 1947), Mary Given Sheerer (Professor of art, 1894-1931), Florestine Perrault Collins, Joanna Harcourt-Smith,  Lynda Benglis (BFA 1964),  Sadie Irvine (NC 1906) Angela Gregory (BA, Design 1925), Caroline Durieux (BA Design 1916), Tee CorinneMignon Faget (BFA 1955), Women's Caucus for ArtNewcomb PotteryIda Kohlmeyer (BA 1933, MFA 1956), Elizabeth Catlett, and The Boswell Sisters.

[Vase by Mary G. Sheerer and Joseph Meyer, Newcomb Pottery, New Orleans, c. 1895-1897, glazed earthenware - De Young Museum - DSC00762]

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