Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Studio Art classes: Spring 2016

The Newcomb Art Department offers a variety of studio art classes in Ceramics, Digital Arts, Glass, Painting, Photography, Printmaking and Sculpture. Below is a selection of classes offered in Spring 2016. For a complete listing, please see:

ARST 2170, 2180 Intermediate Glass (3, 3)Prof. Koss. Prerequisite: ARST 1170. The goal of this class is to achieve a functional understanding of glass art. This general course focuses on blowing, casting, and forming glass. Attention is given to using the approaches to glass for individual expression.

ARST 3020-01 Photographic Archives (3)

Prof. Erickson. This course provides a laboratory to develop student artwork through critical thinking and research. Specifically, the course sets out to equip students with the necessary tools and understanding to carry out independent or collaborative research in relation to their art making. By developing partnerships with community organizations that have a need for visual representations related to their cause, we will work to fulfill their needs while simultaneously producing artwork that is meaningful to the student’s artistic practice, as well as socially relevant. All students are required to engage in 20 hours of community service and community service is an integral component of the course. Prerequisite: any 1000 level course in studio art (ARST).

ARST-3020-03 Contemporary Sculptural Practices: Extreme Fibers (3)

Prof. Hermant. This course is designed to introduce students to a range of materials, processes and histories that make up the field of fiber sculpture, or, "soft" sculpture. Students will investigate ways in which fibers can produce meaning through placement in, or in response to, a variety of public spaces and current events. The use of unconventional, flexible, and fibrous materials and alternative methodologies to create three-dimensional art will be covered.Students will become familiar with fiber media and be able to implement a range of processes to create sculptural work.  Readings, demonstrations, presentations, exercises, and excursions will inform individual and collaborative projects.

ARST 3550 Time-Based Media (3)

Prof. Jones. Prerequisite: ARST 1550. This is a class with an emphasis on digital video, animation and image sequencing. Students will be expected to create time-based projects that combine visual and temporal elements in creative, critical and innovative ways.

ARST 3650 (3), ARST 3890 (1) Mural Painting (4)

Prof. Mysock. Mural Painting and Drawing (a Service Learning course) explores the role of public art in the (re)development of New Orleans communities by combining the practical, perceptual, and technical challenges of large-scale drawing and painting with regular service activity.  Tulane artists enrolled in the course spend nearly five months off-campus engaging with a community partner, acquiring the habits necessary to establish meaningful civic and creative relationships.  Students also investigate artistic creation within a collaborative environment and build a comprehensive manual that documents the logistics of large-scale public art projects. Most importantly, the Mural Painting and Drawing course teaches young artists how they can participate in the renewal and preservation of the collective bonds that define a community.

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