Friday, November 18, 2016

New Art History Classes: Spring 2017

The Newcomb Art Department offers several new Art History courses available to undergraduate and graduate students in the Spring of 2017. Registration is open at

ARHS 3910 Art in 20th Century Latin America
Prof. Anagnost. This course introduces students to art from Mexico to the Southern Cone from circa 1900 to the present.

ARHS 3913 Rome, The Eternal City
Prof. Geddes. For millennia, Rome has served as a nexus of power and artistic excellence rendered in service to powerful clients, from emperors to popes and the scions of the city's most powerful families.

ARHS 6410 Amsterdam as the Global Capital of the Dutch Golden Age
Prof. Porras. This course examines the visual and material culture of the Dutch Golden Age, centered in Amsterdam, as the product of global forces.

ARHS 6811 Visions of Imperial Japan: Art from Kyoto
Prof. Schweizer. This seminar concentrates on Japanese Art and architecture from and about Kyoto--the city that was an epicenter of the country's artistic production for more than a millennium.

ARHS 6812 The Meaning of Materials
Prof. Foa. In this course, we’ll explore a range of materials, substances, and everyday objects that have altered the course of art history, our region, and our daily lives.

ARHS 6814-01 Prints & Ways of Knowing
Prof. Geddes.   This new seminar on the rise of printmaking c. 1500-1800 investigates print as a new technology and artistic medium.

ARHS 6815-01 Utopias in Modern Art
Prof. Anagnost. This course examines histories of utopian thinking in the visual arts since the late 19th century, with particular emphasis on imagined cities and urban social relations.

Complete course descriptions can be viewed online at

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